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Nous augmentons les ventes directes des hôtels en créant des bons et en augmentant la visibilité sur leurs pages et les nôtres. En offrant des bons exclusifs et promotionnels, nous encourageons les clients à réserver directement auprès des hôtels, générant ainsi plus de revenus pour ces derniers.

Partner Hoteis

We increase hotels' direct sales by creating vouchers and increasing visibility on their pages and ours. By offering exclusive and promotional vouchers, we encourage customers to book directly with the hotels, thus generating more revenue for them. In addition, we use digital marketing strategies to increase the hotels' visibility, both on their own pages and on our platform. This includes content optimization, online advertising campaigns and social media actions. With these initiatives, we are able to attract more visitors to the hotels' pages and increase the likelihood of conversion into direct bookings. Our aim is to provide our partner hotels with a significant increase in sales and greater independence from online travel agencies.

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